"I am a 60 year old weightlifter, hiker, and yogini who is never ever sore or sick! My secret weapon? Dawn Hopkins!!!!!!! Every four weeks I receive an awesome Thai Yoga Massage! It relieves muscle tension and boosts my immunity. I trust Dawn. She is warm, smart, communicates well, and creates a relaxing, safe environment. (She even plays my favorite tunes!) Try this fantastic experience ... much better than a traditional massage!" ~ Syd H.‚Äč

"I started working with Dawn doing Thai Yoga Massage Therapy in May of 2012. I suffered from arthritis with joint and muscle pain. As a teacher I spent all day on my feet and had many issues with my body because of it. After my first session with Dawn, I felt my body really open up and her therapy relieved much of the tightness and pain that I was constantly suffering from. I have worked with Dawn continuously every other week and have seen my body develop more flexibility and strength. I have also developed a special friendship and relationship with her. I always feel better after our sessions both in the way my body feels but also spiritually. She is a very special person who I feel honored to call my friend." ~ Cindy M.  

Thai yoga therapy combines elements of both yoga and massage, using assisted stretching, range of motion, and massage techniques to relieve pain, improve mobility, and create length and spaciousness in the body. Yoga body mechanics and postures are used to ensure that every technique used feels good to both the client and practitioner.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Therapy
- Improves Postural Alignment
- Balances the Nervous System
- Increases Joint Mobility and Range of Motion
- Boosts the Immune System
- Improves Circulation and Respiration
- Alleviates Chronic Pain
- Improves Overall Health and Well Being

Thai Yoga Therapy Pricing (Effective Jan 1, 2018)
60 Minute Session - $75
75 Minute Session - $90

90 Minute Session - $110

Buy a Package of 3 Sessions and SAVE 10%. Gift Certificates Available.

These sessions are offered at Joyful Yoga in Tempe, AZ. Sessions are led by Dawn Hopkins, E-RYT 500, Master Yoga Instructor and Trainer, Certified Yoga Therapist, Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner, and Licensed Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Coach. 

To schedule, call 866-811-6137 Ext 902, or email dawn@inspiritusyoga.com.

Thai Yoga Therapy