The word yoga means to yoke or to join. It is an intentional joining of the mind, heart, body, and spirit that requires a conscious awareness to bring about a deeply-rooted sense of peace and harmony.

Our inspirational and Christ-centered yoga classes are designed unique and touch all aspect of our being - heart, mind, soul, and strength. We always include an inspirational message to focus and uplift the heart, mind, and spirit. The yoga postures (Asana) are designed to deepen the experience of the class message on physical and energetic levels. To further enhance the experience, the classes are practiced to contemporary inspirational music. This provides an all-over yoga experience like no other. And, we offer classes with inspirational and Biblical messaging, depending on what you prefer.

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"I have practiced yoga with Dawn Hopkins for over 6 years in multiple settings (church, studios). During this time, I have always felt she promotes an incredibly safe and positive space for her students. Her teaching style promotes safety by taking you through each pose and transition with clear cueing to ensure the “Foundation, Alignment, Engagement and Eye Gaze” approach to teaching yoga is followed by each student, instead of just calling out a pose as other teachers commonly do. Her message for each class is always unique and I have never met a teacher who puts more time and energy into her classes by designing each class to fit a particular message.  Her messaging is universal whether you are a Christian or secular yoga student. As a secular yoga student, I have always felt comfortable within her classes even though I am not of the Christian faith based on how her messages are inspirational to all students. You walk away from her classes feeling much more at peace than when you arrived."  - Lisa D.

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